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Our Vision for Latin Fashion

“Inspiring confidence in the women of the world through Latin Fashion, regardless of background, race, religion or social status, revealing the magic in every woman and allowing their inner beauty and radiance to shine through”

Our Mission

“Nila Palacios Latin Fashion is committed to make a positive difference by branding itself to empower women across the world with beautiful designs that accentuates her curves, radiates her personality and evokes greatness in her being. The designs will reflect elegance, confidence, passion and femininity by being true to each woman”

About the Designer

© Nila Palacios Latin Fashion

Nila Palacios (the designer) was born and raised in Maracaibo, Venezuela.

She had always an interest in fashion and beauty since a young age, spending long hours in her room designing and sewing clothes for her dolls. Nila graduated with a degree before migrating to Malaysia in 2001 where she studied Fashion at the International Academy of Fashion Design in Kuala Lumpur.

Nila recognized a gap in the market for authentic Latin American fashion every time she went Salsa dancing, so she decided to start her own brand in order to fill this gap. Soon after this she saw a bigger spectrum as not only dancers wanted to look good whilst on the dance floor, but other women, housewives, and ladies from the corporate scene.

Nila decided to design and produce not only dance wear, but also a wide range of Casual, Evening and Office wear – inspired by Latin American culture, music and rhythm.

About Our Designs

We use the best quality fabrics (100% silk chiffon and silk satin) with bright vibrant colours and implement cuts to help hide the parts of your body you want to hide in order to enhance the parts you want to show. Our designs are sexy, elegant and unique; we maintain exclusivity as each gown or dress is designed based on specific Latin American inspirations that encourage confidence in the women who wear them.

The company’s aim is not just to create clothes for women but also to help the wearer feel different and unique whilst wearing a Nila Palacios dress or suit; this is how we formed the basis of our vision and mission.

The strong and passionate music of Flamenco and dance elements inspired me to create bold and elegant dresses. The Sevillanas, Tangos de Malaga and Bulerias are some of the rhythms of Flamenco; by listening to this music I feel transported to Spain and I start sketching designs which will eventually turn into dresses made of fabrics such as laces, satins and crepe. Flamenco inspired gowns and cocktail dresses are very sophisticated and regal, with that touch of mysticism and passion typical of these music genres

While Flamenco is regal, mysterious and passionate, my Salsa collection is more flirtatious and sexy. Salsa dance is more social and more common amongst dance lovers; therefore, my collection incorporates the flirty and sexy elements of this music with frilly and flowing skirts that allow movement while the ladies are dancing. Our evening gowns and casual dresses are synonymous of femininity and elegance

The Tango collection is a compilation based on the rhythms of Argentina and Uruguay. Tango, Milonga and Chacareras, the passion and harmony of this collection are eye catching as the cuts are asymmetrical and body hugging; for our casual and dance dresses - bare backs, gaucho pants for casual and office wear; these are just few of the elements that inspired me to create this colourful and bold collection

So far Mexico is the only collection that was not inspired by music but instead by the old ancient culture of the Mayans, Aztecs and the Spanish colonizers, whose women used to wear lovely cotton off-shoulder blouses and wide frilly skirts with short lace at the bottom; these dresses were synonymous of wealth, femininity and social status. Taking the wonderful painter Frida Kahlo as my muse, the collection represents all that Mexico symbolizes including tradition, culture and a love for their history